December 11, 2017

Voter Values – The Psychology



Presidency of a nation, is similar or as powerful position of a king, queen, or the Pope. Elections are the process by which the citizens have the privilege of choosing an administration to preside over their livelihood. For such distinguished role, where rationality should reign over a voter’s decision on policies and the character of the Executive Cheif who will enforce them, behavioral science reveals otherwise.

There are other factors that a voter’s perception reflects their emotional and biological influence. More so in the modern politics, sensationalism of candidates outweighing their stance on the nation’s policies societal issues and seem to overlooked by the sensalization of their character.

Donal Trump, has further affirmed, how one can leverage on their entrepreunriship and TV reality celebrity status, can wean voters to overlook. Character assassination has also have become the common tacti, where it plays directly with the emotions.

Physical appearance became a factor in the 1960 Nixon-Kennedy debates. Studies have shown voters have a bias toward more physically attractive candidates

The hidden psychology of voting

It hits the moment you board the train – that unmistakeable tang of stale urine. You take a seat. The passenger opposite sneezes across the aisle. As you move out of the way, your foot lands in a gooey clot of chewing gum. Disgusted yet?

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