December 11, 2017

About P.V



President.Vote (P.V) is a non-partisan media initiative with the intent of unifying the Presidential news, general elections, public opinion, socio-political and economic issues.

P.V’s delivers a neutral representation of information, diverse ideologies, and party spectrums, thereby leveling the playing field to enhance the Democratic process.

“The practice of democracy is not passed down through the gene pool. It must be taught and learned anew by each generation of citizens.” -Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

Politics have become more prevalent in the modern age; indoctrinations of radio and televised broadcasts to Social Media paving the era towards ‘Politico-Public’ – participatory politics shaped by individuals and the public en masse.

P.V’s mission is to synergize the public, businesses, and their representatives with three prime directives:

Individuals to become acquainted with disciplines of politics, economics, and history for better citizenry. Integrated learning and gamification of education through online games, book reviews, interviews, quizzes, journals, courses, and knowledge repositories.

Social Media is modern day entertainment, surpassing print and TV. Images, memes, videos, and games are the primary consumption of media content. Through interactive entertainment, a larger audience can be reached and engaged to enhance involvement.

Businesses and applied talents are the foundations of a Democracy to flourish and sustain its economies, innovations, and labor. The aim is to involve Private sectors to advance their endeavors in various political and economic climates, domestic and global.

P.V – a commercial enterprise and neutral platform between social groups, political ideologies, and movements. P.V is not affiliated and does not endorse any political party, candidate or interest group. 

Issues affecting all sectors of society are covered on our site; P.V Journal, news, groups, and forums:

Civil Liberties
Crime / Justice
Drugs / Rehab
Gun Control
Health Care 
Public Policy
Climate Change
Global Trade
Energy & Oil
Foreign Policy
Homeland Security
Budget / Deficit
Tax Reforms
Social Security
Welfare & Poverty
Race / Religion 
Seniors / Veterans
Principles & Values

Through our partners and contributors, P.V offers the following to fulfill our mission:

News / Articles
Polls / Surveys
Games / Quizzes
Elections / Statistics
Libraries /Archives
Forums / Groups
Books / Journals
Courses / eLearning
History / Memorabilia
Satire / Comedy 

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